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 Yixing Wansheng Transformer Co., Ltd. 

Yixing Wansheng Transformer Co., Ltd. (former Bandung Transformer Factory) is a professional design and manufacture of all kinds of transformers, electric furnace transformer, special transformer, magnetic regulator, rectifier transformer, power transformer, reactor, the company has the necessary production equipment, process equipment and advanced product testing station, can adapt to all kinds of  transformer products production and inspection, enterprises through the IS09001-2000 international quality certification, with its own design and production capacity.

The company has more than 20 years history, products are widely used in industrial and agricultural power , metallurgy, mechanical heat treatment, mining, electricity, building materials, electronic components industries such as power special power supply. Products are exported to Southeast Asia, Australia and other places,  by the vast numbers of users.

The company has always pursued the customer first, quality first, pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. In good faith the principle of honesty, for the old  and new customers to Provide more perfect service, let you get affordable products, rest assured of equipment, thoughtful service.

The company is located in Taihu Lake scenic resort, ceramic art spirit of the City of Yixing, highway, rail traffic  convenience, warmly welcome. 

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